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Type your IP details below and hit enter to verify that the SoftSwitch Software you are using is our proprietary software and not a pirated version unlicensed by us.
When you enter your IP details we will verify the validity of the server IP and whether the SoftSwitch Software you are using is owned and legitimately licensed by us. If you are using a pirated cracked version of our software you will not have the full benefits of our software, including quality of service, updates and support. It is also illegal to use pirated cracked versions of our software.

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Web Hosting

WEB Hosting Plans & Pricing

Fairmoon provide full cPanel that allows you to quickly manage websites, hosting accounts and domain names.

per year
  • Enterprise Supermicro Hardware
  • cPanel Account Control
  • 1-Click Script Installs
  • Disk Storage – 500 MB
  • Bandwidth- Unmetered
  • Add-on Domains – 0
  • Subdomains – 10
  • FREE e-mail Accounts – 50
  • FTP Accounts – 10
  • Linux Operating System
  • MySQL Databases – 10
  • Network Uptime – 99.999%
  • Real Audio & Video Support
  • 24/7 Dedication Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
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per year
  • Enterprise Supermicro Hardware
  • cPanel Account Control
  • 1-Click Script Installs
  • Disk Storage – 2 GB
  • Bandwidth- Unmetered
  • Add-on Domains – 5
  • Subdomains – Unlimited
  • FREE e-mail Accounts – 100
  • FTP Accounts – 50
  • Linux Operating System
  • MySQL Databases – 50
  • Network Uptime – 99.999%
  • Real Audio & Video Support
  • 24/7 Dedication Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
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per year
  • Enterprise Supermicro Hardware
  • cPanel Account Control
  • 1-Click Script Installs
  • Disk Storage – 4 GB
  • Bandwidth- Unmetered
  • Add-on Domains – 25
  • Subdomains – Unlimited
  • FREE e-mail Accounts – 500
  • FTP Accounts – 100
  • Linux Operating System
  • MySQL Databases – 100
  • Network Uptime – 99.999%
  • Real Audio & Video Support
  • 24/7 Dedication Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Quickly One-Click App Install

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Web Hosting Features

Build your very own professional website without the costly design fees with Website Builder.


One Click Installations by using Softaculous Aps

Softaculous is a commercial script library that automates the installation of commercial and open source web applications to a website. Softaculous scripts are executed from the administration area of a website control panel, typically via an interface tool such as cPanel, Plesk, H-Sphere, ISPmanager, DirectAdmin and InterWorx. Softaculous applications typically create tables in a database, install software, adjust permissions, and modify web server configuration files.

Softaculous targets open-source software and is available in Pro and Free versions. The free version supports the installation of over 50 applications. The Pro version provides one-step installation of over 280 applications..

  • Softaculous is a fastest Auto Installer having 300+
  • Auto installer for cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin and etc.

Real Time Backup Solutions

Daily backup with One.com ensures your web space against data loss. Security copying to a backup data center is your guarantee for optimal data security – regardless of your choice of solution.

The daily remote backup is carried out through a dedicated fiber-optic connection and contains all data from the website, database and emails. If disaster strikes and a system fails all our customers are guaranteed a quick restore from the security copy. A web space with One.com is a secure place to store data.

  • Remote backup to a separate data center
  • Fireproof, 24 hour surveillance server room
  • Safety copying of emails, web and database content
  • Quick restore after system failure

Web Hosting Features

When everything you need to be successful online is right here making your decision becomes quite simple; if you’re going to sell products online you need the business plan. Backed by enterprise power and unlimited features there’s no reason to wait.

We’ll manage your servers and VMs whether they’re hosted with us or with them. The choice is yours, with onboarding and support backed by Service First technicians 24/7/365. Explore infrastructure options below, then layer a custom Managed Services plan in the next step.

We doesn’t charge any setup or monthly fees. There’s no extra charge for website transfer, DNS change or renewal payments.

  • Zero-maintenance web hosting
  • Includes unlimited bandwidth to accommodate traffic
  • Automated security to protect against web threats.




DDoS Protection for Your Server

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks can have a significant impact on your company. Whether you’re a large enterprise, a small business, an e-commerce company or a government institution, if your website is Internet facing, it is a potential target.

We include free, basic protection with every server — volumetric attacks from 250 Mbps to 2 Gbps in size are automatically mitigated. For comprehensive protection, we also offer two levels of service to detect and mitigate larger, more sophisticated, and sustained DDoS attacks.

  • Threat Detection System to intelligently.
  • Stop malicious attacks. Stay online.
  • Fully Automated Protection.
  • Hardware ensures that all legitimate traffic.
  • Automatically rerouted through mitigation devices.

Security & Recovery

Our top priorities? Safeguarding your mission-critical IT assets and helping your business bounce back if disaster strikes. Fairmoon’s expert managed security and business continuity professionals take a holistic approach to defending your systems from the ever-evolving threat.

Starting with the web server security, the first point of analysis for exploiting the server would be the services. I would suggest all the server security administrators should run a service to check on all the ports that are open, filtered, and closed.

  • Ensuring your business is protected and resilient.
  • Stopping Internet Threats and Data Security.
  • Cloud Security Requires Multiple Layers of Security.
  • Offer data protection when it is in transit.
  • Reduce risk. Stay online. Rest easy.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Both the Unlimited & Unmetred Bandwidth can be said interlinked with each other. In unlimited bandwidth every user who visits your site uses some resources, so with unlimited bandwidth these resources are free.

To complement your guaranteed bandwidth , you can increase the guaranteed speed for your specific upload requirements or for mass delivery of software updates, VOD, or even live streaming. In addition to the speed, the cross-connections available enable optimized geographical delivery.

  • High accessibility of 100 % guaranteed
  • Guaranteed network uptime.
  • Network cross-connections optimized.
  • Dedicated IP Address.
  • Standard DDoS Protection.

Dedicated VoipSwitch

VoipSwitch’s all-in-one solution is a complete suite of SIP network elements, billing, APIs and web portals on a single software platform. This platform enables service providers to build robust VoIP services which deployments to  handling thousands of concurrent sessions.

Features like, PC2Phone, Device2Phone, Calling Card, Callback,sms callback solution, Ani Callback solution, DID callback solution, Cli Callback, Pin Callback, Wholesale Termination, Online Billing, Unlimited Resellers Creating, online shop, invoice generator.

  • Single platform solution.
  • Carriers Termination SIP Trunks.
  • Real-time traffic and systems.
  • Instant messenger with video conferencing.
  • G729, G722, G711 and other codecs.


VOS3000 is designed for carrier-class operations by FAIRMOON SERVER, Providing Account Management, ExchangeRate Management, Rate Management, Package Management, Cards Management, Gateway Management, Phone Management, Softswitch Management, IVR Management, System Management, User Management, Data Query and Web Self-Service System delivery methods.

Signaling trace, Interface Shortcuts, Sound management interface for VoIP business operation needs such functions, and contains the Billing System, it is really all in one product.

  • Customizable performance, security, and uptime.
  • Support millions of accounts and online phones
  • Advanced firewall deployments to make restricted.
  • Implementation OFF line solution.
  • Standard DDoS Protection & Mitigation.


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